Introducing the New APS FlightLog Portal: Performing Biocompatibility Just Got Easier!

March 27, 2017

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Did you know that APS provides ISO 10993 biocompatibility testing for the medical device and biotechnology industry?  We have developed a unique process for biocompatibility test panel creation, sample submission, and study reporting via our online APS FlightLog Portal. Recently this system has been improved by adding an integrated dashboard and optimizing the user interface.

Two-step submission process: This feature was put in place to ensure that the finalized Study Protocol Appendix (SPA) webform incorporates edits made after initial Sponsor submission and APS review. APS will no longer be requesting hard copy signatures on SPA PDFs.

SPA web form:

  • It is not required to complete all the information within a tab before progressing through the form.  In order to submit the SPA, all required fields will need to be completed.
  • Internal project and study IDs may be assigned separate from the APS project and study ID nomenclature.
  • Instructional PDFs and JPEG images may be uploaded to assist with specialized requirements for sample preparation.
  • Surface areas or weights may be listed for multiple components of the study article.

Daily Access: Logging in has been simplified and security tightened. Corporate email addresses will be your automatic username. Passwords will be uniquely created by each user.  We recommend clearing your browser cache prior to use and logging in from Google Chrome for the best experience.

APS Projects:

  • An improved dashboard will display individual study demographics organized by APS Project ID and Sponsor Project ID (if applicable), including: Study Director, study status, start date, and final report due date.
  • When finalized, a PDF of the study final report will also be available from this dashboard for immediate download (applicable only to projects entered on or after 03/15/17).
  • Sponsors can add additional SPA’s to a project that is already underway. This feature will generate a new SPA with study article information populated from the previously submitted SPA for that project.

Standard Protocols: A library of APS Standard Protocols and associated turnaround times for final reports are also available for review.

Visit www.americanpreclinical.com and click FlightLog Portal located at the top right for access. 

Contact us today to learn more about the APS Biocompatibility Program and the FlightLog Portal!