APS Our Team

Management Team

The APS management team offers extensive experience in veterinary science, medical device research, toxicology, pharmacology, histopathology, and FDA and ISO quality assurance policy.

Practical and proactive, APS managers will remain closely involved in supporting your project, ensuring high-quality execution and strict adherence to timelines and deliverables.

Quality Assurance Team

Quality is our focus at APS, as reflected in our dedicated, independent quality department. APS auditors act as partners in every GLP study we conduct, with a keen scientific eye on preventing errors and study deviations, while ensuring accurate research and reports.

Scientific Staff, Study Directors

Dedicated study directors at APS act as lead investigators and project managers. Experts in their fields with years of experience, they apply their project-leadership expertise to scope your project, manage research personnel, and deliver final reports on time. All study directors have degrees in the life sciences.

Veterinary Staff

Full-time veterinarians are onsite and on call 24/7 to ensure the highest standards of care. APS veterinarians are committed to excellent veterinary care and are active participants in all studies. They work closely with study directors, regularly monitoring and reporting on daily clinical observations and collected data.

Surgical and Interventional Staff

APS has several full-time research interventionalists and surgeons. They have trained with some of the foremost researchers in their fields, making them among the most practiced hands in the industry. Our surgical team has performed thousands of valve, graft, orthopedic, and urogenital implants. A team of in-house surgical technicians skilled at bypass and surgical monitoring support our lead surgeons.

Pathology Staff

Multiple pathologists are on staff and are available to consult on projects, oversee necropsies, and generate reports for the FDA.

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