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Preparing a wound care device for regulatory review means submitting the results from your preclinical wound care study. Whether it’s
When it comes to designing a GLP safety study for a medical device or process, selecting the appropriate animal model
If you’re new to the process of preclinical medical device testing, you may not be clear on exactly how APS
It’s commonplace in the CRO community: While researchers recognize the value of strict FDA rules set for biocompatibility testing, they’re
During the preclinical testing of medical devices, one data point that regulatory officials are scrutinizing is the activated clotting time
Whether you’ve contracted for pre-clinical testing before or you’re approaching the process for the first time, you may have key
Dr. Harriet Kamendi is a graduate of Howard University’s Department of Pharmacology. Her research focused on characterizing the consequences of
One of our most frequently asked questions at APS is the type and range of research equipment we feature on
If you’re coming to APS with one of your first new medical devices, you may be uncertain how your preclinical
When APS scientists approached their company executives six years ago about initiating a new procedure for the study of arthritis,