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Back on the Bandwagon: The Revival of Renal Denervation Therapy Platforms

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Renal Artery

The potential size of even a portion of the global hypertension market is a prize that few companies in the medical device industry can resist.  There is still a significant minority of patients who continue to have resistant hypertension despite multiple drug regimens and many others who cannot tolerate polypharmacy’s adverse effects side effects.  Catheter-based interventional strategies that interrupt the

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A 3D “image” you can hold in your hand

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Vascular corrosion casting is an established method of generating models of vascular anatomy.  It is an excellent tool for three-dimensional morphological examination of normal and pathological arteries and veins.  Many medical devices are deployed in the peripheral arterial system and having an accurate, “life size” model of the target vasculature can help with device design, target site selection, or explaining

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