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New Directions in ISO-10993-4 Hemocompatibility Testing of Medical Devices

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Don’t miss Kent Grove on Tuesday 9/22/15 at the 25th Annual BioInterface Workshop & Symposium. Kent will be discussing new updates in both in vivo and in vitro hemocompatibility and thrombogenicity testing. Kent was an invited speaker at the FDA workshop on Methods for Thrombogenicity Testing, held on April 14, 2014.  Kent has also championed a new minimally heparinized in

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APS Publishes First Guidance Document: Recommendations for the Evaluation of Investigational Heart Valves

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Scope: This guidance applies to both surgical and percutaneous delivered heart valves and other valve repair technologies. Experience:  APS conducts 150+ non-GLP/GLP valve repair or replacement procedures per year. Imaging:  APS has three Siemens digital cath lab suites, an experienced echocardiographer and a 128-slice Siemens Dual Source CT scanner. APS publishes the first in a series of preclinical research guidance documents

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