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American Preclinical Services Receives AAALAC’s Global 3Rs Award for North America.

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American Preclinical Services (APS) has been awarded AAALAC’s Global 3Rs Award for all of North America (there are two-three other winners for other continents). This AAALAC award recognizes our development of a new testing methodology, the In-vitro Blood Loop Assay, as a replacement for the Canine NonAnticoagulated Venous Implant (NAVI) Model for testing thrombogenicity of medical devices. This is truly a

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Pathology Matters, part 3 of a 3 part series: Semiquantitative Histopathology Scoring

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Preclinical studies generating semiquantitative histopathology data are welcomed by regulatory agencies because, theoretically, reproducible and comparable results would be obtained with independent observers. But is that necessarily the case? Many factors influence the interpretation and reproducibility of semiquantitative data. Histopathology results are dependent on establishing appropriate scoring criteria. Semiquantitative scoring, with categorical ranking of observed changes, is also subject to

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