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APS COVID-19 Response

Working with APS during these Unprecedented Times

Updated 7/09/20

As we are all well aware, the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) has prompted all of us as individuals and corporations to rethink our current practices to ensure the health and wellness of our communities.  We are constantly adjusting to this ever-evolving situation and are redefining a new normal every day. 

At APS, we are taking significant measures to ensure the health and safety of our team and sponsors. We are leveraging our business continuity plans to ensure there is minimal disruption to the research services we provide.  We have the necessary bandwidth to continue operations throughout the facility, from study starts to the essentials of daily animal care, and maintaining deliverable timelines.

When considering who from your team should attend procedures at APS, please keep in mind that we have the technology and infrastructure to support real-time streaming and recording of study procedures so that individuals offsite have the opportunity to participate and/or review study procedures. APS’ live procedure streaming is secure and has the ability to host all members of your team who are able to attend virtually. Live streaming is supported in all four Cath Labs as well as our larger Operating Room. Interactive procedure room audio is currently available in three of the Cath Labs and we are updating the remaining procedures with this capability as soon as possible.  

For those with an upcoming study, APS has implemented several processes regarding visiting the facility. The health and safety of our employees, visitors, contractors, and animals is our highest priority. APS reserves the right to refuse entry based on a risk profile related to COVID-19 infection/exposure. As the current situation regarding COVID-19 is fluid, APS may expand constraints. 

 Adherence to 6’ physical distancing is required to the extent the task allows. We have implemented a maximum number of individuals per procedure room and laboratory in an attempt to ensure this distancing. We are asking the Sponsor Representatives for studies once scheduled to:

1)      Reply with the number of people attending your study procedure(s) and what their function for the case(s) will be. APS will review and approve the attendee list.

2)      Circulate APS’ Visitor Precaution Form COVID-19 to all approved individuals identified in #1. We will require the completed form(s) sent back within a few days prior to the scheduled procedure date(s) for APS to review and approve. Upon our review of the completed form, should any risk factors be identified, we will contact you immediately.

Further, to be granted access APS will be temping visitors via non-contact thermometer. Anyone with a temperature higher than 99.6 °F will not be approved to enter the facility. When on site, APS will also provide all Sponsor visitors a surgical mask. We will require that you and/or colleagues wear the mask at all times with the exception of eating/drinking.

We thank you for your understanding and please accept our sincerest apologies for any inconveniences this may cause. We will continue to monitor the evolving situation and will adjust as necessary.  Thank you for your continued cooperation during these critical times.  Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Stay Safe and Healthy,

The APS Team

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