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Fully equipped: APS features impressive range of research equipment

One of our most frequently asked questions at APS is the type and range of research equipment we feature on our 45,000-square-foot main campus.

The answer is that our range of offerings is among the largest in the world when it comes to medical device research. The span allows us to complete short- or long-term studies of any size or scale and is wide enough to distinguish us from other CROs of our size. It also tends to amaze potential clients.

“Physicians come in and are so impressed with the level of equipment we have available,” notes APS Business Development Associate Monica Tantalean. “Many say it’s better than hospitals they’ve worked in. That’s why we encourage clients to take a tour when it’s their first time at APS, because our capabilities can really help us stand apart from other labs.”

A glance at some of our top-notch equipment for interventional and surgical research:

  • A dual-source computed tomography (CT) suite offering varied imaging capabilities
  • Electrophysiology mapping equipment (EnSite Velocity EP Mapping System)
  • Two cardiopulmonary bypass machines (Sorin & Cobe). “These are especially important to allowing us to perform multiple bypasses at the same time,” explains Tantalean. “One sponsor may want to run testing in two rooms at the same time to expedite implanting, or there may be two separate sponsors who need CPB on the same day.”
  • Intracardiac and duplex ultrasound (SIEMENS Cypress & Sequoia). These imaging systems are among the most widely used at APS, especially for cardiovascular evaluations.
  • Four SIEMENS digital cardiac Cath Lab suites (SIEMENS AXIOM Artis Zee Digital Cath Labs). In 2019, the labs were updated to the most recent software and C-Arms (Siemens Artis Zee) available, such that the imaging nears that of CT results. “We frequently get requests for full 3-D rotational imaging capabilities, which we have in all four Cath Labs now,” Tantalean notes. “The update has improved our imaging capabilities immensely.”
  • A fully equipped, 5,000-square-foot histopathology and SEM laboratory with advanced equipment for the precise sectioning of all medical devices.
  • Intravascular imaging equipment (Boston Scientific iLAB IVUS and Abbott Ilumien Optis OCT)
  • Endoscopic towers (Olympus, Stryker & Storz)
  • A PowerLab data collection system
  • Two surgical operating suites
  • A 20,000-square-foot biocompatibility, toxicology, pharmacology and pain research facility with comprehensive in-vivo capabilities.
  • A 4,000-square-foot analytical laboratory with state-of-the art instruments able to monitor components relevant to pharmacokinetic; toxicology; biocompatibility; quality control; stability studies; purity and impurity characterization and profiling; leachables and extractables from container closure; implantable medical devices; drug carriers; drug delivery systems and packaging materials.
  • Housing for more than 700 large animals, with capabilities for accommodating challenging animal models such as tethered devices.

APS Senior Director of Business Development Mike Frie explains that equipment additions are made at APS to align with market demand.

“It’s based on interest we’re seeing in the market,” he says. “If we’re seeing a number of requests asking for the same equipment, we evaluate whether it’s worth getting. In other cases, a company has a large project it wants to bring to us, and we buy equipment to bring in that individual project.”

Perhaps the greatest competitive differentiator at APS? The extensive experience of its staff in working across an entire range of organ systems.

“Another lab might have the piece, but not the expertise to use it, so they must rely on the client to provide the expertise,” reports Tantalean. “What sets us apart is having the in-house staff to run almost all, if not all, of the equipment we have.”

Need more detailed information about APS’ range of equipment and expertise? Check out our virtual facilities tour or call us at 877-717-7997 to learn how we can seamlessly manage even your most extensive research project.

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