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The importance of rigorous ACT management during preclinical study procedures

During the preclinical testing of medical devices, one data point that regulatory officials are scrutinizing is the activated clotting time (ACT) of the animal model. ACTs are measured periodically while an invasive device is inserted in the vasculature This allows lab staff to monitor clotting time before and after the anti-coagulant (e.g. heparin) has been […]

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At the forefront of Electro Physiology research

APS has put the time and effort into training on the appropriate techniques, and acquiring the right equipment, to give itself the distinction of being the premier destination for the preclinical evaluation of electrophysiology devices and procedural techniques. APS has staff experienced in transseptal access, cardiac ablation, and anatomical and electrical mapping. Three Siemens Catheterization […]

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