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Analytical Services

APS has added a 2000 ft² analytical laboratory equipped with state-of-the art instrumentations and exceptional personnel expertise providing GLP compliant analytical supports. The laboratory is equipped to provide a full range of analytical services to facilitate integration and overlapping of various study components such as pharmacokinetic, toxicology, biocompatibility, quality control, stability studies, purity and impurity characterization and profiling, leachables and extractable from container closure, implantable medical devices, drug carriers, drug delivery systems and packaging materials.


ThermoFisher TSQ Quantiva LC/MS

A Dionex Ultimate 3000 UPLC connected to a Triple-Stage Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer (MSMS) and Diode Array Detector (DAD). It operates in electrospray positive (ESI+) and negative (ESI-). Excellent sensitivity, speed and dynamic range for method development, validation and routine sample analysis with the ability to separate and quantify the most complex and challenging samples. 


ThermoFisher Trace 1300 GC/MS

The GC is connected to an ISQTM Mass Spectrometer and Flame Ionization Detector (FID).  The mass spectrometer has a mass range from 1.2-1100 u with industry leading low sensitivity for detection, quantification and identification of volatile and semi-volatile components based on their mass spectra and an extensive NIST Mass Spectral Library. The system is also equipped with static headspace analyzer and TriPlus RSH™ Autosampler for automated liquid and headspace injections.


Agilent ICP-MS

ICP-MS is the premier technique for trace metals analysis in biological fluids, tissues, medical devices extracts, pharmaceutical products, etc. The system is based on Octopole Reaction System (ORS) technology operating in Helium collision mode to remove interferences, provide highest level of performance, extreme sensitivity and a wide order of analytical dynamic range even in complex matrices. This unit allows for a powerful analysis while maintaining flexibility, automation and ease of use. 


Nicolet IS10 Mid Infrared FTIR Spectrometer with OMNIC Specta Material Characterization

FTIR is used to obtain an infrared spectrum of absorption or transmittance of a solid, liquid or gas for product identification or quantification. The FTIR spectrometer simultaneously collects high spectral resolution data over a wide spectral range. This confers a significant advantage over a dispersive spectrometer which measures intensity over a narrow range of wavelengths at a time.

Take a look inside at the capabilities that APS has to offer...

American Preclinical Services (APS) is a State of the Art, ISO 17025 accredited, AAALAC accredited, USDA registered and GLP compliant Contract Research Organization (CRO) located in Minneapolis, MN.

We are a comprehensive CRO whose catalogue includes ISO10993, USP, USP, JMHLW, custom biocompatibility testing, interventional, surgical, toxicology, pharmacology, pain, cadaver and bioskills, model development and complete pathology services.

Whether your company is a startup or an established industry leader, APS’ experienced staff is uniquely qualified to tackle your project and meet your in-vivo and in-vitro preclinical research needs in a timely fashion. more