Implantation Testing
  • Subcutaneous Implant
  • Intramuscular Implant
  • Bone Implant
In-Vivo Thrombogenicity Testing
  • Canine, Porcine, Ovine, Bovine
  • Standard and Custom Designs
Irritation Testing
  • Intracutaneous Reactivity
  • Animal Irritation Test
  • Vaginal Mucosal Irritation
  • Buccal Mucosal Irritation
  • Occular Irritation
Sensitization Testing
  • Guinea Pig Maximization
  • Buehler
Systemic Toxicity Testing (IV, IP, Implant)
  • Materials Mediated Pyrogenicity
  • Acute Systemic Toxicity
  • Sub-acute Toxicity
  • Sub-chronic Toxicity
  • Chronic Toxicity
  • In-Vivo Mouse Micronucleus Assay

Why APS Should be Your Biocompatibility Testing Partner

American Preclinical Services offers a full biocompatibility testing program. We pride ourselves on being overly communicative and take the time to understand the specifics of your medical devices, allowing us to take a clinically relevant approach to designing and implementing your panel of biocompatibility assays. At APS you benefit from:

  • A team of professionals that understand the clinically indicated use of medical devices and assist in defining the appropriate biocompatibility testing required for your device and developing any necessary custom techniques to allow for reliable testing of even the more complex medical devices.
  • A variety of custom extractions to meet your device needs.
  • A focus on minimizing the number of devices used through test planning and extractions.
  • Biocompatibility testing according to ISO, USP, and JMHLW guidelines.
  • USDA-registered facilities that are accredited by ISO 17025 and the American Association for the Accreditation of Laboratory Animal Care (AAALAC).

Your trusted resource for a full range of preclinical services.

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